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Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast

Jul 26, 2017

Paul Avis, Max Marchant and Donna Wray on promoting early intervention services - MAF136

This week I welcome Paul Avis back on the show for the fourth time along with his colleagues Max and Donna.

We talk about Group Income Protection and Early Intervention Services.

And try and answer the question, "Are insurers just...

Jul 12, 2017

Laura Pearman on why you need killer headshots for your business and personal brand - MAF135

This week I welcome Laura Pearman to the show.

She's a photographer who specialises in headshots.

If you're in business, have a website and use social media you should consider investing in some killer headshots to elevate...

Jul 6, 2017

Jon Norton on marketing lessons from building a stand-out accountancy brand - MAF134

This week my guest is Jon Norton.

He runs an accountancy firm and it stands out because it doesn't fit the stereotype.

We talk about the marketing lessons any professional firm, financial services or otherwise, can learn from the...