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Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast

Nov 23, 2017

Pete Matthew on building client trust through consistent audio and video content - MAF150

This is a milestone edition, and my guest is Pete Matthew.

He’s an expert financial planner, a prolific content marketer and fellow podcaster. We talk about how answering questions with video and audio content gives him a...

Nov 15, 2017

Gudrun Lauret on creating and repurposing content for professional services - MAF149

On the podcast this week, my guest is Gudrun Lauret.

We talk about creating and, most important, repurposing content, for professional services businesses and entrepreneurs.

Welcome to episode 149 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast. 

Nov 2, 2017

Tim Lewis on social media as a networking strategy - MAF148

My guest on the show this week is Tim Lewis.

We talk how you can use social media and content, such as blogs and live video, to grow your business network.

Welcome to episode 148 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.  

We chat about:

  • Avoiding the "spray and...

Oct 26, 2017

Maria Nedeva from academia to launching The Money Principle blog - MAF147

My guest this week is business school professor, Maria Nedeva.

We talk about her academic career and how it led her to launch The Money Principle blog where she helps people to grow income, end debt, build wealth and love their lives.

Welcome to...

Oct 19, 2017

Ramin Nakisa on the death of the Alpha Cult: active versus passive investments - MAF146

This week on the show my guest is Ramin Nakisa.

We chat about active versus passive investment strategies and the death of what Ramin describes as "The Alpha Cult".

Welcome to episode 146 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.