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Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast

Apr 8, 2015

MPAF39 – Jess Wood on Doing Financial Services Recruitment the Right Way

It's essential to recruit the right people for your business.

You want a good match, drive, attitude and commitment.

According to my guest today financial services recruitment often turns into a CV race with little regard for the real needs of the recruiting company.

Jess believes in a different approach.

Hear how Jess started Sandringham Wood Recruitment and her thoughts on doing financial services recruitment the right way.

Listen to her ideas on how to inject new blood into the financial services industry.

That's all right here in episode 39 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Who is Jess Wood?

Jess is the MD and founder of Sandringham Wood Recruitment specialising in financial services recruitment.

She's well known for her ability to engage with people, being down to earth, realistic and having a no nonsense approach to what she does.

A little known fact about Jess is that she got charged at by a hairy-arse buffalo in South Africa on her 40th Birthday which she describes as a "nice treat".

Links and Show Notes.

For links to the books and apps mentioned by Jess, please visit for the show notes.

What is the Marketing Finance and Protection (MPAF) Podcast?

This is the Podcast for providers and advisers looking to share business ideas and inspiration in the world of protection and finance.

The MPAF Podcast is a 30 minute audio show you download from, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Each week I’ll be interviewing financial services providers, advisers, experts and journalists.

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I’ll be asking what we can do to make protection and finance more accessible to the consumer. We’ll talk about:

             Marketing, communications and propositions.

             Financial and protection products

             Interesting business models and campaigns

as well discussing how advisers can promote their own businesses using modern content and social media methods.

My aim is to make sure that you will get one or two big business ideas that you can apply to your own business.  Whether it is a sales idea, advice idea, product tweak or simply an app that is worth looking at.

I’m your host, Roger Edwards. A Marketer for 25 years, ex-MD of Bright Grey and Scottish Provident, content and social media champion, I’m now in business to help your business.

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